Daimler chooses to pay Rp. 2.8 T for accusations of outsmarting diesel engine emissions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Daimler chose to agree to solve the problem of diesel engine emissions in Canada by paying around US $ 197 million (approximately Rp. 2.8 trillion). Parent company Mercedes-Benz it was previously accused of using a special tool to circumvent emission tests which was later denied.

“With this settlement, Daimler takes another step towards resolution of the various diesel proceedings and avoids lengthy court action with respective legal and financial risks,” Daimler said in a statement. ReutersSaturday (11/12).

Daimler said it was still denying the allegations.

Daimler said the settlement, which is still subject to approval by the Ontario High Court, ended the lawsuit but did not prove whether Daimler used special tools to circumvent emissions tests in Canada.

media in canada, CTV Newsexplained, the payment of the settlement money covers Mercedes-Benz models produced from 2009 to 2016, including repairs to comply with emissions regulations in Canada.

In addition, the funds are also used for cash payments to owners of cars that have been repaired, buybacks, and other payments.

The allegation of this particular tool lies in Mercedes-Benz’s diesel technology, BlueTEC, which does not meet the Canadian threshold for producing higher emissions when temperatures are below 10 degrees Celsius.


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