DAP project ends: “An organization is highly unlikely to invest in North America” ​​| DRAFT5

North American cast led by Damian”dapsSteele officially ended last Friday afternoon (8), when the experienced Canadian athlete brought the information up in a statement in which he spoke about the current state of his territory in CS: GO.

Created in January this year, the No Organ come to be checked by extra salt early on, but negotiations have not progressed and the team is constantly searching tirelessly for a house to call themselves. Fail.

It’s also interesting to note that the original idea was to have William”BUSY” Wierzba was included in the squad. However, the athlete chose to accept the opportunity to play for Evil Genius next to Timothy”autism“Tae Jacky”Stewie2K“Yep.

daps, by the way mentioned two main factors for the team’s disbandment: “There are very few chances of going to a decent Tier 1 LAN or Tier 2 LAN, something that is critical to the development of these players.

The chances of a new organization investing in North America and paying the salaries we can live with are very low.“, complete Leader In Game Canada, who suggested the return of the North American division ESL Pro League to help develop the area.

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daps, by the way, is one of the most experienced on the continent, having represented clubs like Team Fluid, Conquest, OpTic, NRG e Gen.G throughout his career, in addition to having acted as coach of Evil Genius during the turbulent second half of 2021.

By the way, the veteran revealed that he would be taking a break from the competition. already michael”Swishers“Schmid, one of the project members, has already agreed with his rival ATK, while other athletes are constantly looking for new opportunities. Orgless consists of:

gauge”Infinite” Green

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