Death toll from sinking fishing boat in Canada rises to 7


Canadian rescue teams say they have found three crew members again fishing boat Spanish who drowned. All three were found dead.

Previously, it was known that there were 4 victims who died. The total death toll so far is 7 people.

“We have now found seven people who died and three people who survived,” Canada’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center told AFP’s Brian Owens.

Brian said despite the bad weather, the search was continuing in the area off the coast of Newfoundland where debris had been found.

His party also revised the total crew of the ship from 22 to 24 when the ship sank.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is concerned about the sinking of the ship. He confirmed that he would continue to coordinate with the rescue team.

“We are following with concern the search and rescue operation of the Galician crew that sank in Newfoundland waters,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wrote on Twitter.

“All my love to their families. The government is in constant contact with the rescue services,” he added.

Meanwhile, Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz, who is from Galicia, said she was “shocked” by the news of the accident.

“Bad news reaches us from the other side of the Atlantic,” he tweeted.

“All my love and support to the crew’s family in their pain at this time of uncertainty,” he wrote.

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