Delta announces innovations to improve onboard well-being

A Delta announce the news to make their customer journeys healthier and more enjoyable, with vegetable (plant-based and plant-based preparations) at the airport and on board, as well as in-flight entertainment that encourages relaxation and relaxation during the journey.

“We take a thoughtful approach to ensure that every customer is comfortable during their Delta journey, because connecting the world also means taking care of those in it, helping travelers feel better wherever they are.”said Executive Director of Health, Henry Ting.

Delta has partnered with leading brands to fulfill its mission to provide travelers with wellness along the way. From the company’s selection of plant foods Impossible Food e Black Sheep Food to inflight entertainment curated by platoon do Spotifythe company delivers more conscious, personalized and health-oriented solutions at every stage of the journey.

New food options for customers

As hot food is reintroduced in the Northern Hemisphere this spring, Delta is serving a new plant-based meal on board with products from the Northern Hemisphere. Impossible Food and Black Sheep Food. Starting this March, customers in the cabin premium from multiple flights you can order a variety of dishes Impossible™like Impossible™ Burger from chilli seasoned with herbs and served with caramelized onion jelly and manchego cheese.

Other dishes vegetable are Black Sheep Foods lamb meatballs with spinach rice and feta cheese, in addition to cauliflower cake with orzo (rice-shaped pasta) with creamy pesto. According to the company, plant-based meats like the Impossible™ Burger are just as delicious as animal meat and more environmentally friendly, using less soil and water in their preparation and emitting fewer greenhouse gases than conventional meat.

Delta now also offers Kate’s Real Food cereal bars in all cabins. These are U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Organic nutritious snacks made with natural ingredients.

In some Delta Sky Club, The company partners with local producers to showcase regional and artisanal foods and beverages through the Fresh Farm programme. This weekly activation, which started in late 2021 and is ongoing, will soon be found on hub Delta on the west coast (Seattle, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles). both of us Sky Club while on board, guests can enjoy a menu, either fresh food or hot dishes, prepared with local ingredients.

New in-flight entertainment

Another novelty is that customers can enjoy exclusive stretching and meditation classes led by Peloton instructors via Delta Studio, the in-flight entertainment system available on the screen at the back of the seat. With classes lasting from five to 20 minutes, the collection “Class in the Clouds” (Class in the Cloud) helps passengers feel relaxed and comfortable during the trip. These newly updated classes will be introduced at the end of 2021 and will be updated regularly throughout 2022.

Those already associated with Peloton can also count on the new collection “Made for Travel” (Made to Travel), available through the company’s app. The 45 classes help participants maintain their fitness routine on the go with workouts that don’t require gym equipment.

In addition, through Delta’s partnership with Spotify, a subscription service for flow audio content, customers can sit back and relax with audio content specially selected for Delta Studio. On Relax and Relax playlist, Peaceful Piano, Sleep e Remote Focus chosen by the platform to provide a soothing and entertaining soundtrack for the customer journey.

Spotify’s preferred audio experience ranks among Delta’s top performing inflight entertainment options, with over 16.4 million listeners. River total since the launch of the partnership in September 2021.

The company also recently reduced the Pet Fee in Cabin (PETC, for transporting animals) to US$95/Canada one way for travel within the United States and Canada, based on input passenger.

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