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Acting in support of democracy at Christmas (RN) — Photo: Geraldo Jerônimo/Inter TV Cabugi

Protesters gathered this Monday afternoon (9) in action against terrorism and defending democracy at Christmas.

The gathering took place in front of Midway Mall, at the intersection of Avenidas Hermes da Fonseca and Avenida Nevaldo Rocha, one of the busiest parts of town.

The protesters left Avenida Senador Salgado Filho at around 18:40, heading for Praça da Árvore de Mirassol, in the South Zone.

Protesters carried banners reading “Prison for Bolsonaro and his accomplices” and “Down with fascist vandalism” and “Never again dictatorship”. Some demonstrators also carried the Federal Constitution in their hands.

Acting in support of democracy at Christmas (RN) — Photo: Geraldo Jerônimo/Inter TV Cabugi

Flags of political movements and parties were also seen at the protests. The demonstrations at Natal received support from trade union centres, social movements, political parties, the student movement and civil society.

The initial concentration of the protest — Photo: Geraldo Jerônimo/Inter TV Cabugi

military dispatch

Rio Grande do Norte confirmed the sending of 30 military police to Brasilia. This Monday (9) security agents boarded a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) flight, in action involving Rio Grande do Norte and 13 other states.

According to the State Government, the state executive will have no expenses in mobilizing. The military will receive operational support from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and will be mobilized by the National Armed Forces.

According to Governor Fátima Bezerra (PT), the episode recorded in Brasília this Sunday (8) must be faced with enthusiasm.

“An attack on democracy is harsh, brutal, disrespectful to our institutions and democracy. This must be faced with all due diligence”, said Fátima.

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