Dozens of Canadians Died Suddenly, Victims of More than 60 People

Bisnis.comJAKARTA — Dozens of people died suddenly in Canada. Police in the British Columbia area said they had received reports of more than 60 sudden deaths since Monday,

Many of the victims who died were seniors. The public is also reminded to check their neighbors who are vulnerable.

heat wave that hit the region was cited as the main cause of death.

Temperatures in Lytton, British Columbia, for example, jumped to 47.9 C (118.2F) on Monday, up from 46.6 C (116F) on Sunday.

In fact, the last week the temperature in Canada has never crossed 45 C (113F).

“Check your neighbours, check on family members, check on seniors you may know,” said Canadian Equestrian Police Chief Mike Kalanj, who is based in the Vancouver suburbs.

He said the weather could kill vulnerable people, especially parent and those with underlying health problems.

“It’s important we check on each other during this extreme heat,” he added.

Temperatures in the US cities of Portland and Seattle have reached their highest levels since records began in the 1940s.

Temperatures in Portland, Oregon hit 46.1 C (115 F) and Seattle 42.2 C (108 F), according to the US National Weather Service. The heat was even strong enough to melt wires, shutting down Portland Streetcar Service on Sunday.

Experts say that climate change is expected to increase the frequency of extreme weather events such as heat waves.

However, it is difficult to link every single event to global warming.

In the small village of Lytton, resident Meghan Fandrich told The Globe & Mail it was “nearly impossible” to leave the house.

“This temperature is already intolerable,” he said.

He claimed to have sent his young daughter to live with family elsewhere in British Columbia where temperatures were slightly cooler.

“We try to stay indoors as much as possible. I mean, we’re used to the heat and it’s dry heat, but 30 [derajat] much different from 47,” he said.

In the nearby town of Burnaby, police have responded to 25 cases of “sudden death”. Many of those who died suddenly were seniors.

“Hot temperatures are believed to be a contributing factor to most of the deaths,” the agency said in a news release reminding people to check on their vulnerable neighbours.

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