Driven by Russia, Global Ransomware Attacks Are Going Crazy

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Attack ransomware global increase of 151 percent in the first half of 2021 compared to 2020 which suggests hackers are becoming increasingly bold, according to the Cyber ​​Security Agency Canada (CSE).

The agency said Canada’s key infrastructure was regularly targeted in ransomware attacks or hacks aimed at extortion.

The mode is basically holding computer information hostage until they get paid, the CSE said in a report published yesterday as quoted by, Tuesday (7/12/2021).

The agency recorded 235 ransomware incidents against targets in Canada from January 1 to November 16 this year. More than half are providers of critical infrastructure, including hospitals.

“Ransomware carriers are likely to become increasingly aggressive, including against critical infrastructure,” the CSE report said.

Average total recovery costs from ransomware incidents more than doubled to US$1.8 million globally by 2021.

CSE reiterates that actors from RussiaChina, and Iran pose serious threats to the cyber infrastructure of countries like Canada.

“Russian intelligence services and law enforcement almost certainly maintain relationships with cybercriminals, either through association or recruitment. As a result, it allows them to smoothly conduct operations with attack targets located outside of Russia,” according to the CSE.

Ransomware is the name of a class of malware that consists of two words, ransom (ransom) and malware, which aims to demand payment for data / personal information that has been stolen, or data whose access is restricted (encryption).

The emergence of ransomware has become an epidemic globally as it continues to take its toll on the world, forcing companies to decide between trying to recover data from backup and potentially losing important data since the last backup and paying a large ransom to hackers.

Ransomware has made headlines recently by gathering well-known victims, including a Los Angeles hospital, and two German hospitals.

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