Entertainment News Collection: Bolshoi Theater chief conductor quits after pressure to condemn invasion of Ukraine; Hypnosis buys catalog of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and more

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Chief conductor of the Bolshoi Theater quits after pressure to condemn the invasion of Ukraine

Tugan Sokhiev, chief conductor at Moscow’s prestigious Bolshoi Theater, announced on Sunday that he was quitting his job after coming under pressure to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Sokhiev also said he was stepping down as conductor of the orchestra in the French city of Toulouse, where officials have pressured him to clarify his stance on the invasion.

Hypgnosis buys catalog of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen

Hipgnosis Song Management said on Sunday it had acquired Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen’s music catalog. “Hypnosis has acquired rights to all 278 songs and derivatives written by Leonard Cohen, including Hallelujah,” the company said.

Box Office: ‘The Batman’ Makes $128 Million, Second Biggest Pandemic Debut

Sacred ticket sales, Batman! Robert Pattinson’s jet black superhero adventure “The Batman” collected $128.5 million in its box office debut, marking the best opening weekend of 2022 with a landslide victory. But even more impressive: it’s the second pandemic-era film to break the $100 million mark in one weekend, a feat first achieved by “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which launched last December for a historic $260 million.

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