Facebook Disagrees With Canada, Blocks News Content?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – As a result of Facebook, Canada is likely to suffer the same fate as Australia. It is possible that the social media giant founded by Mark Zuckerberg will block access to news in Canada.

The Canadian government is currently considering passing laws that force Facebook and Google to pay publishers for news appearing on the platform.

The same rule was previously made in Australia and caused 16 Million Facebook users to find news content missing from social media for both websites and apps.

In a meeting with a local parliamentary committee, Facebook’s Chief Policy Officer Kevin Chan said the policy could break the way the internet works.

“Fundamentally break the premise of how the internet works that is free and open,” Kevin said, quoted by Cnet, Tuesday (30/3/2021).

Kevin was also asked if this would be a fair way of negotiating for companies to pull news content like what happened in Australia. He neither endorsed nor ruled out the move taking place in Canada.

According to him, access to news content may be revoked if the company has no other way. “It won’t be [opsi] which we want to do, except we have no other choice,” he said.

Canada is following Australia’s policy of forcing platforms to pay for any news that appears there. In February, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said he was ready to bring the same bill as Australia’s to the Canadian parliament.

Steven said news is not free content. He stressed publishers should be compensated for what they do.

“Our position is clear: publishers must be properly compensated for their work and we will support them in delivering important information for democracy and the health and well-being of our communities,” he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also promised to coordinate with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Both will seek to pressure big tech companies to pay for news content on their platforms.

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