Giro da Tribuna pelo Esporte: International Cup: this Friday’s opening promises an unforgettable show

01/Apr 18:54

By Roberto Márcio, exclusively for the Tribuna

Today begins the first stage of the International Mountain Bike Cup, on the scenic track of the Cuiabá valley, where more than 700 riders from different countries and the world are expected to attend. This should be an event that can beat all possible records – city cycling for sure – including financially, to become the championship that brings the most foreign exchange here. And at just the right time!

The Cup places the eyes of those passionate about mountain biking and its variables facing Petrópolis, a city that suffered two floods that killed more than 230 people, in addition to suffering the loss of homes and businesses. A championship like this means a lot to riders, organisers, sponsors, families, commerce, history…. As of this Friday, the Imperial City is the national capital of mountain biking.

Ah, the fun of mountain biking follows next week with the World Cup.

Emotions start very early in the Cuiabá . Valley

The weather for the week is full of expectations with the International Mountain Bike Cup kicking off this Friday. The super elite schedule will start with a training session starting at 9 am, and on Saturday there will be a Short Track (XCC). The women compete at 9:00 a.m., the men head out to the track shortly after, at 09:40. On Sunday it is the turn of the Olympic Cross Country (XCO), with the women’s start at 12 noon and the men’s starting at 2 pm.

Petropolitan attractions go to train on Wednesday

Showing up on track to train on Wednesday were Henrique Avancini and Giuliana Salvini Morgen, aka Giugiu, today Petrópolis’ biggest names in sport. As well as trying hard to train, they studied the details of the Vale do Cuiabá track for this weekend’s race. This duo, despite knowing their place, know that they will have a very strong opponent ahead not only in the International Cup, but in the World Cup as well.

Team Canada has arrived with everything to win everything in Imperial City

The foreigners arrived little by little throughout the week before the opening of the International Cup. And who is strong to fight for the title not only from the event starting this Friday, but also the World Cup is Canada, whose pilot has reviewed the trajectory. The Team Pivot Cycling team came up with the best to fight for the podium, with Marc-André Fortier, Raphaël Auclair, Gunnar Holmgren and Marianne Théberge.

Only street races reach the number of entries in the International Cup

Only street races can gather more than 800 participants in Petropolis. Well, this weekend, mountain bikers can reach that number, an important record that will bring a lot of emotion to extreme bike lovers. More than 700 entries were made, with a total of competitors from 35 countries and over 1900 foreign cyclists. Around 160 are still able to complete their application and if that happens, it exceeds 800.

Vera Cruz closes the selection process for Petropolitan players who will play in Serie C

Although the determination of the squad that will play in the Series C State Championship will only take place on April 20, Vera Cruz has completed the selection process for players born between 1994 and 2004 only in Petropolis. Coach Alex Arruda approved this evaluation period: “Some athletes will be called up by the club for new training, because in the evaluation we found special characteristics in the candidate and, during training, we will have a clearer analysis of these characteristics and it can be interesting for assembly player”.

Gonçalense/Petrópolis FC mark their first training match in preparation for A 2

The first practice match for Gonçalense/Petrópolis is already scheduled: it will be on April 9, against Império Serrano in Rio de Janeiro. The location will be determined in the next few days. This will be the first friendly match for the new petropolitan in its history, a great opportunity for coach Luciano Tinoco to field an interim team that will compete in the A2 Series State Championship. His debut will take place on April 30 against ArtSul, at the Atílio Marotti stadium, at three in the afternoon.

The LPD estimates the club’s participation in this year’s championship

The club recently agreed on the Petropolitan Sports League event calendar for 2022. At the same time, the entity is making a projection of the number of clubs participating in several major football and futsal championships, which are expected to begin in late April or early 2022 May. The average number of participants, if implemented, will be the same as in recent years. The only exceptions are in football and tennis disputes, which in April will be discussed with representatives of the modalities.

LPD estimates club participation in this year’s championship 2

The head of the LPD, José Neto, released the prize projections for this year’s competition. In football, for example, he estimates that in the sub-11 and sub-13 categories it will take six to eight teams, while in the sub-15 and sub-17 categories the number could increase to 10. expectations for sub-13 and under-15 are small. , not to exceed five teams. In other court modalities, volleyball and handball, the average should be listed as six.

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