Great effort to limit oil leaks in the US

It is estimated that nearly 14,000 barrels of crude oil may have leaked out of the pipeline, the equivalent of about 2.2 million liters of oil.

Canadian TC Energy, which operates the pipeline, discovered the leak late Wednesday and immediately stopped supply.

Cleanup crews are on the scene, as are investigators to determine the cause of the leak.

The waterway runs through the prairie about 150 miles northwest of Kansas City. Blocked areas.

If the extent of the leak is correct, it would be the largest US release of crude in nearly a decade, the AFP news agency wrote. In September 2013, nearly 21,000 barrels of oil leaked in North Dakota from the company’s Tesoro pipeline.

According to US authorities, cleanup work in Kansas will continue into next week.

The 4,345 kilometer oil pipeline carries oil from Alberta in western Canada to various locations in the United States. About 600,000 barrels are normally transported via the pipeline every day.

TC Energy’s plans for another pipeline, Keystone XL, between Canada and the United States have been the subject of major debate in the United States. Former President Barack Obama ended the plan, but the decision was overturned by his successor Donald Trump. But last year, current President Joe Biden decided to revoke the license.

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