Grieg Seafood on 75,600 Gwt salmon in Norway or Canada.

La salmonicultora with operations in Norway and Canada, Grieg Seafood, with 23,700 airs in the quartet quarter passes more than 75,600 airs for 2021.

Las cifras operated exclusively on volleyball in Shetland compatible with Scottish Sea Farms for approx. $224 (£164m) on December 15.

Monsieur the regimental volumes for the regatta in the quarter quarter 2021 fire:

  • Roland: 7,300 gwt
  • Finnmark: 12,400 gwt
  • British Columbia: 4,000 GWT

Los costos regales average per kg per quarter quarter 2021 fire approximately:

  • Roland: $4.98 (NOK 43.6)
  • Finnish mark: 4.35 USD (38.1 NOK)
  • British Columbia: 7.48 USD (65.49 NOK)

One of the most up-to-date mercados, Desde Grieg Seafood Information, is expanding the product list in Canada with Siembra in the first instance. smolt The center of culture in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland is the main one (Hemisferio norte).

Grieg uses us exclusively in Placentia Bay to grow salmon, and as of September 2020 Obargado ocho licenses total 30 million tonnes of capacity, with three licenses pending.

According to estimates, the best aerobatic activation is Terranova with a single potentially unique lagozo of almost 45 million tons. The informative full quarter of 2021 Grieg Seamos will be released on March 15.

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