HE declares his love for Brazilian music and charms Bruno Mars fans in The Town | City 2023

DIA on the Skyline stage at The Town — Photo: g1 / Luiz Gabriel Franco

After showing one of his best performances at Rock in Rio 2019, HER showed that he was still in shape when he appeared this Sunday (10) at The Town. The 26-year-old Californian singer played his latest R&B to fans waiting for Bruno Mars.

Only a few showed signs of knowing the repertoire, but they still swayed to the groove and rhythm. The audience’s goodwill was so great that they even clapped and sang the chorus of “Hard Place.”

DIA sang “Best Part” in Brazilian and edited excerpts from the hit song Claudinho & Buchecha

Gabriella Wilson, the artist’s real name, represents a new generation of the genre that emerged in the 40s with influences such as jazz and church choirs. DIA stands for “Having Everything Revealed”. This is also a way to keep your identity protected. This is also why he almost always wears sunglasses.

“It was my first time in São Paulo and I loved the food and the people,” he says, still at the beginning. “Brazil is my favorite country in the world. You make me feel very comfortable.”

Winner of an Oscar and five Grammys, he remains backed by a wall of sound: a complete, sharp band. Apart from singing, he alternates between piano, guitar, guitar, and drums.

DIA performs at The Town 2023 — Photo: Luiz Gabriel Franco/g1

Her sound blends the aforementioned R&B with reggae, electronic pop, and even bossa nova. He has explained to g1 that the voices of artists like João Gilberto “opened up his perspective” as a singer and instrumentalist. “I love Brazilian music,” he said in Portuguese during the show.

DIA has only one official album: “Back of my mind”, from 2021. The show is then supplemented by covers and songs sung with him from other artists’ albums. Of these, “The Best Part” (with Canadian Daniel Caeser) stands out.

No other song has been sung by as many audiences. This version has two surprises: it features singer Felipe Bide, known for his covers on YouTube; and hum along with him a quote from “Quero te Meeting”, by Claudinho & Buchecha.

It was revealed on the Disney reality show, when she was only 14 years old and only singing covers, Gabrielle showed her side as a translator singing “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, by Lenny Kravitz. However, the high point for the audience came from the double song “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”, made famous by Joan Jett, and “We Will Rock You”, by Queen. It’s quite cliche, but the voice doesn’t sound familiar.

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