‘Higher-than-normal radiation levels’ recorded in Chernobyl, says Ukrainian embassy representative | Ukraine and Russia

The charge d’affaires for the Ukrainian embassy in Brasilia, Anatoliy Tkach, said on Friday (25) that the country’s nuclear agency recorded “higher-than-normal radiation levels” at Chernobyl.

On Thursday, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian officials, on the same day, Russian troops took control of the area where the Chernobyl nuclear waste dump is located – the area that became the site of the largest nuclear accident in history.

  • Chernobyl: what it is, where and why is it important;

What is Chernobyl and why is it important

“Radiation gauges detected higher than normal levels. A serious violation of safety regulations. We believe it was caused by the movement of heavy weapons.” [russos]tanks that lift radioactive dust into the air,” explains Anatoliy Tkach.

According to the Ukrainian charge d’affaires, “there may be an environmental catastrophe.” The information was provided by the country’s nuclear agency.

The strongest reaction from Brazil

Regarding the Brazilian government’s stance, the representative stressed that Ukrainian diplomats maintain dialogue with Itamaraty and hoped Brazil would make a “stronger condemnation” of the Russian invasion.

“Everyone is watching what Brazil’s position is in voting on the resolution because this will be Brazil’s official position. We expect a stronger statement of condemnation from Brazil. [ao ataque]”, said Tkach.

Previously, the representative had said he expected a “stronger” reaction from Brazil.

Ukraine expects “stronger reaction from Brazil”, says Ukrainian embassy representative

Ukraine expects “stronger reaction from Brazil”, says Ukrainian embassy representative

A UN Security Council meeting is scheduled for this afternoon. Representatives of the embassies that make up the G7 — the group consisting of Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Canada, Japan and the United States — met this Friday (25) in Brasilia, and also defended that the Brazilian government condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during the meeting.

President Jair Bolsonaro has not yet commented on the Russian attack. On Thursday night (24), in a live broadcast, he banned Vice President Hamilton Mourão, who condemned the Russian attack for not respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Brazil’s Foreign Ministry released a note calling for a cessation of “hostility” in Ukraine, but did not condemn the invasion. Itamaraty also said they were following the military operation “with great concern”.

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