Hurricane Fiona wreaks havoc on Canada’s east coast; watch the video

Breeding / Twitter – 24.09.2022

Storm Fiona has wreaked havoc in Canada

Hurricane Fiona left a trail of destruction on the east coast of Canada this Saturday (24). THE
The historic storm battered the country with strong winds, forcing people to evacuate, knocking down trees and destroying homes.

Canadian authorities are now focusing their efforts on clearing the affected areas and assessing the damage, in order to prepare for the restoration of energy and telecommunications services damaged by the storm. Restoration, however, should take time.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canadian military will be mobilized to help with the restoration, adding that the Fiona
caused significant damage and recovery will require a lot of effort.

Although the intensity of storm
was strong, there are no reports of people being seriously injured or killed. According to the Canadian government, this is due to residents paying heed to warnings issued by authorities.

Police, however, are investigating whether a woman was dragged into the sea, according to the Radio Canada

Still, thousands of residents in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Newfoundland have been left without power and struggling with power lines. Communication.

The government has issued a warning to the public saying that in some cases it could take weeks to fully restore essential services. “We know the damage is very extensive, probably the worst we’ve ever seen,” Prince Edward Island Premier Dennis King told reporters on Saturday.

“Our road to recovery will take weeks or more. It will be a hands-on approach,” he added, according to the Reuters

THE Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Wreckhouse Weekly editor in Port aux Basques, Rene Roy, said several homes and a building were washed out to sea.

“It’s by far the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said, saying the houses became “just a pile of rubble in the ocean.” he added.

This Friday (23), Hurricane Fiona threatened to reach the island of Bermuda, passing west of the territory towards Nova Scotia. Earlier this week, the phenomenon had already affected several Caribbean islands, killing people and causing loss

In addition to deaths, nearly all of Puerto Rico’s 3.3 million people were left without power during a heat wave.

The phenomenon caused severe flooding and landslides before reaching the Dominican Republic. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said the storm was causing “catastrophic flooding”.

“The eye of drilling
Fiona made landfall along the coast of the Dominican Republic near Boca De Yuma. The maximum sustained winds at the time it made landfall were estimated at 150 kilometers per hour,” said the NHC
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