‘I was slandered’: Danielle Collins reacts to a controversial incident with Maria Sakkari at the Canada Open

Danielle Collins has spoken out about a controversial incident between herself and Maria Sakkari during the Canadian Open in Montreal.

The two players clashed in the second round of the tournament after Sakkari hit a ball into the crowd. In the second set of the match, Sakkari’s first serve was deemed a mistake and out of frustration he dropped the ball to the floor where it bounced off the court and hit the assembled crowd.

Collins, displeased with Sakkari’s behavior, went to speak to the umpire before telling Sakkari to “shut his mouth” as a long argument ensued.

The 29-year-old spokesman has now spoken out about the incident claiming he was slandered for saying something after Sakkari nearly ran over someone in the crowd.

“He almost ran over someone, and I was vilified for standing up for them,” Collins said. “A few months ago, I would not have done that. I would worry too much about what other people said or thought about me. , or judge me,

“I feel a lot like Jared [Jacobs, her coach] have tried to help me by being my authentic self, what is important to me and my values, and not really caring about things I can’t control.

“I think it really helps to put things into perspective, because it’s easy to stray from that.”

Collins then beat Sakkari 6-4, 6-2 and then, Leylah Fernandez 6-2, 6-3 to reach the quarter-finals of the Canadian Open before Iga Swiatek beat her 6-3, 4-6, 6-2.

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