Intense cold in the South will bring temperatures from -10 °C to -15 °C in the coming days #rumor

Rumor – Specialists say in the video that RS, SC, PR, MT and SP will be hit by a cold wave reaching -15ºC

Autumn has arrived with everything in Brazil, messing with temperatures and forcing Brazilians to take their coats out of their wardrobes. Of course, many people don’t like sudden changes in temperature at all.

Nonetheless, cold-lovers celebrate the milder temperatures. But it only took a few days for the intense heat to return to most of the city. However, a story circulating on social media suggests that this situation is about to change.

Historically, the southern regions of Brazil will face intense cold weather that should bring the temperature down to -15ºC. According to the publication, the average temperature should be around -10ºC, but the highest points in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, like the mountains, should reach -15ºC. The video accompanying the story also shows that the Canadian and American governments will send warnings to Brazil for the country to prepare. Check:

“Next week will be bad. The Canadian government and the US government have sent warnings that cold concentrations and densities could reach 850 hectopascals. Do you know what that means? That the temperature can be below -10ºC in the southern states of the country. And at the highest points of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul it can exceed -15ºC. The warning is for the Brazilian public power, especially in the states, which are not ready to face cold weather of this intensity, to prepare rescue teams, assemble infrastructure. For example, Morro da Igreja, in Santa Catarina, which is considered the coldest place in Brazil, the temperature can exceed -15ºC. That’s Chicago temperatures in winter. It’s next week. This is the temperature that burns the skin, freezes. And because we’re not used to it here in Brazil, people need to be careful, because this cold freezes parts of the body and you don’t feel it. You stop feeling bodily sensations and when you find out, gangrene. Many people lose toes, fingers, do not feel and we are not used to it. So people, let’s get ready. The forecast for Porto Alegre is temperatures below 0, but in the mountains things are going to get very serious. Let’s watch! This is another warning that Metsul also gave and comes from the Canadian and American authorities. Usually, we get an intense chill here which lasts a maximum of 72 hours. This time it will last longer. The cold will hit Uruguay, Argentina, will hit the west of Argentina, or rather, east of Argentina, north of Uruguay and Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Santa Catarina, south of Mato Grosso and parts of São Paulo will be hit. The epicenter, and that’s where I’m afraid, the epicenter is Rio Grande do Sul.”

Intense cold in the South will bring the temperature from -10 °C to -15 °C?

The story went viral on social networks, in particular, on Twitter and made many people afraid of the possibility of such a cold. However, the story is not true. The explanation is due to misinformation, lack of evidence and the origin of the story.

It’s not new that fake climate news is causing confusion on the internet and making many people wary. The team has denied many of them, such as saying that the worst cold wave in the last 100 years will reach Brazil. Also indicating that the worst cold wave since 1955 is expected in the next few days and, finally, a wave indicating that an extreme cold warning has been issued in the country and temperatures are expected to be the lowest in the last 50 years. many years.

While analyzing today’s news, we realized that it uses a lot of false information which has been debunked in other fake news around here. On that occasion, several people shared stories about the great flu that will hit Brazil and will be the worst in the last 100 years.


Well, today’s explanation is not far from the explanation we gave in another rebuttal. Apart from messages presenting the main characteristics of fake news on the internet, such as its ambiguous, worrying nature and lack of reliable sources, we also found no information on the subject.

If that’s not enough, Metsul, quoted by the story, reports low temperature forecasts in Rio Grande do Sul. However, the forecast does not show negative temperatures. In addition, Metsul also underlined that the cold must reach the Southeast region to dissipate the heat, bringing rain. But nothing comes close to the -10ºC mark.

Finally, video accompanying the story is nothing new. The image circulated in July 2021 and was part of an episode of the TV show on Rio Grande do Sul. Since then, it has been used to warn the public about fake cold photos.

In short: the story that says a severe cold will hit the south of Brazil and bring the temperature between -10ºC and -15ºC is wrong! The video used in the post as proof of the story is old and uses wrong information. When looking for more information on the subject, we found nothing. One of the sites mentioned in the video even has a cold weather forecast for the South in the coming days. However, the weather forecast does not indicate very cold weather, let alone -10ºC. In other words, the story is just bullshit!

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