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The current Dean of the Institute of Aeronautical Technology (ITA), Anderson Ribeiro Correiabeing quoted to replace Milton Ribeiro, who was dismissed this Monday from the Ministry of Education (MEC). Ribeiro was asked to step down after corruption allegations involving a supportive clergyman, who is part of a parallel cabinet, were revealed by Stadium.

according to Stadium, Correia, who is evangelical, has received a call from a member of Centrão to inquire about the possibility of taking over the post. This Tuesday 29, he will still have a conversation with the head of the PL in the Chamber, Altineu Cortes (RJ).

The dean, the interlocutor said, would be willing to accept the position and believe that it would be a good technical choice, but also in tune with evangelicals and Centrão. President Jair Bolsonaro already considering Correia to replace Abraham Weintraubbut then gave up and chose Ribeiro.

Correia has been nominated by representatives from the evangelical wing, such as Sóstenes Cavalcante (PL-RJ) and Marcos Feliciano (PL-SP). Faced with the scandal involving Ribeiro, Sóstenes made a statement saying that the then minister was not his candidate and remembering his preference for Correia. Now, however, the nominations are coming from politicians linked to Valdemar Costa Neto, the OT’s national president, and not from evangelicals.


Correia is a civil engineer graduated from Campinas State University (Unicamp) and holds a master’s degree from ITA. He also received a doctorate in transportation engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada.

In Bolsonaro’s government, Correia was president of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Tanjung) and left his post after volunteering and passing the selection of the ITA chancellor.

He was also part of the military group that worked on transitioning Bolsonaro’s government and helped form Ricardo Velez’s ministry. Since the departure of Velez, Bolsonaro’s prime minister of education, the name of the dean has emerged as a replacement.

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