John Molson student Pascal Dion wins Olympic gold

From class to ice rink

Dion says she learned lessons as a student who got carried away with her figure skating, especially regarding teamwork and goal setting. “My approach to my sport is that I set and focus on small, realistic, achievable goals that keep me focused and motivated.”

Having achieved that goal, Dion sets a new one and keeps moving forward. “I approach my coursework the same way; one topic at a time, one chapter at a time. Once I feel like I got it, I move on to the next one.

A focus on group work and projects at school also helps prepare for it. “In the relay, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Communication is the key to knowing each person’s strengths. It makes the job easier,” said Dion.

“This is 100 percent true for group work as well. Each of us can take on tasks that fall within our power, which helps the group as a whole.”

Although speed skating will continue to play a large role in the near future, Dion revealed that she is also excited to complete her studies, which she hopes to complete in two years. After graduation, “Maybe I’ll pursue the CFA,” he said, referring to the appointment of Chartered Financial Analyst. “I am open to where the road takes me.”

Work hard, play hard

Reflecting ahead of this year’s Olympics, Dion said he was extremely proud of all the energy he and his teammates put into their training.

“We worked hard on our chemistry as a team,” he said. “We knew we had a chance for Olympic gold, after all our efforts, but perfecting our chemistry was key.”

Evidently, their hard work paid off. Team Canada clocked 6:41.28, beating the Republic of Korea for gold.

Hard work, as well as being the driving element for Dion’s success, is not the only element. “For everything I do in my life, I try to do something I love. When you are passionate about something, it is easier to do well,” he said.

“I learned something I loved, I competed in something I loved. I don’t compete to win, I compete to have fun. And when I’m having fun, I perform better.”

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