King Harald made a Bieber joke on Hareid

– We’ve heard that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is here. Meaning – he flew high above Sunnmøre in 2015, at a considerable distance. But he may have seen the light from Hareid, from 40,000 feet, King Harald said as he spoke to locals at Hareid in Sunnmøre on Thursday morning.

Hareid is an industrial city with a proud tradition, including as a starting point for seal hunting and polar expeditions in the last century.

viral success

But the village also attracted attention when the local newspaper Vikebladet Vestposten made the case of “Justin Bieber flying over Sunnmøre – might have seen the light of Hareid on his way home” in 2015.

Articles in one viral success, and also featured on BAdesken’s popular Instagram account.

The king had clearly learned this:

“I therefore hope the Vikebladet Vestposten will be ready with cameras when we take off from Vigra tonight,” said the king, to the laughter of the audience, who had gathered for the folk festival on the pier in Hareid in connection with the royal visit.

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district visit

The royal couple will conclude a three-day regional visit to the five municipalities of Møre and Romsdal on Thursday. The trip is characterized by bright sunshine and beautiful nature experiences, as well as numerous encounters with locals.

– We ended our county tour in the beautiful center of Sunnmøre that is Hareid. As usual in our travels in the country, we see that the local community comes in with a spirit of service and contributes greatly when we come to visit. The queen and I are very grateful for this, said the king.

He also spoke from a specially built pulpit for King Olav when he visited the village in 1986. At that time, the king marked the 1,000th anniversary of the battle at Hjørungavåg between Håkon Jarl and Jomsviking in 986 – another important event in Hareid history.

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