KLB trio confirm return to stage and Curitiba accepts show in July

Group KLBformed by brothers Kiko, Leandro and Brunosuccess Brazil no 2000sannounced his return to the stage during a special presentation on the Altas Horas program, from Rede Globo, last weekend. To the euphoria of fans, who have been waiting for this moment for seven years, the bands confirmed the “20 + 2 Experience” anniversary tour, which will celebrate two decades of career and the release of their first third album.

Anyone who lived in the 2000s and listened to a lot of radio before the era of music and streaming apps will remember the Kiko brothers, Leandro and Bruno. They dominated the charts of major radio stations in Brazil, became an important weekly TV show attraction and won the hearts of all the youth of the day.

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The consecration of each success translates into the conquest of gold, platinum and diamond notes. There have been over seven million albums sold in his career and dozens of sold-out shows.

“It would be great to revisit our history! This reunion will be a dream come true for all our fans as well as our family members. We built a very beautiful and solid career. During this time, people never stop asking for our reunion and we are ready to bring you lots of love and affection. This will be a true celebration of the magical years of our lives,” the group said in material released by its press office.

The artistic direction of the “20 +2 Experience” tour will be carried out by the brothers, in partnership with entrepreneur Matheus Possebon, who will also act as music director. The general direction is by Juliano Carvalho.

With a duration of two hours, the idea was to star in a “dream playlist”, from hits like “A Dor Desse Amor”, “Um Anjo”, “Ela Não Está Aqui”, “Minha Timidez”, “Por What Does It Have To Be Like This? ”, “I am in your hands”, “Because of you”, and others.

In addition, a new composition is planned, to be revealed in the coming days, and a special version of the classic “Everything I Do”, by Canadian singer Bryan Adams. Artists should take advantage of this long series of performances to burn DVDs.

Formed in 2000, KLB has released eight studio albums and two live albums. In 2012, they announced a break the following year. Interestingly, the group never announced the end, but the members took a break from their careers to dedicate themselves to personal projects. However, in 2015, they put on a few shows and recorded the intimate DVD “Um Novo Tempo”, which is set outside the singer’s studio and in the presence of close family and friends.

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Check below the dates and cities that will host the “20+2 Experience” tour show:

06/11 (Saturday) – São Paulo/SP
07/08 (Friday) – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
28/07 (fifth) – Porto Alegre / RS
29/07 (Friday) – São José/SC
07/30 (Saturday) – Curitiba/PR
08/06 (Saturday) – Ribeirão Preto/SP
08/12 (Friday) – Brasilia/DF
13/08 (Saturday) – Belo Horizonte/MG
08/20 (Saturday) – Christmas/RN
21/08 (domingo) – Recipe/PE
26/08 (Friday) – Salvador/BA
27/08 (Saturday) – Maceió/AL
09/03 (Saturday) – Manaus/AM
09/04 (Sunday) – Belem/PA
Coming date – Campinas/SP
Coming date – Vitória/ES
Coming soon – Fortaleza/CE

Ticket sales start April 28 at 3 p.m. More information will be revealed soon.

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