Leading star 2021: Let Larsen Sæther work to create technological solutions that can change behavior and help reduce the amount of waste.

– The garbage problem is huge, says Mari Larsen Sther.

This 24-year-old man from Lesung has been a “garbage entrepreneur” since his teens, and is passionate about creating solutions that can help reduce the amount of waste. He thought it was urgent.

– Now is the time to encourage the big players to take more responsibility and good choices.

Founding father

It starts with a small hook. The idea came to life on a breezy, windy day at home in the lemurs when her friends Mari Larsen Sther, Ruth Søyset Jensen and Anna Meek Fiskerstrand were 16 years old. The storm raged, and people struggled with garbage bags flying with the wind.

“Then it should be possible to tie these bags in a simple and efficient way that makes them stay in the can,” they thought. The seeds of a business idea have been sown. The result is a small hook that attaches to the handle of the trash can and is used to hang trash bags for plastic packaging, before lifting.

In some parts of the country, plastic waste is hung in bags outside of trash cans, and through the company Lett på kroken, the founders have in recent years sold several hundred thousand hooks to waste disposal companies and equipment suppliers in Norway . The company is still a big problem for the girls, who through entrepreneurial ideas have also filled their BSU accounts. But Mari Larsen Sæther wanted to move.

– Plastic hooks make household easier, now we also have to make big players responsible, he said.

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