Leading star Jonis Josef and his journey from “phone seller of the year” to “King of Yellow”.

Best seller of the year

He doesn’t seem to be lacking for things anymore. Jonis Josef just got a Rolex Datejust (blue dial, 41 mm), so he also has to pay for a permanent appointment with a psychologist himself, and on the train from Oslo to Skien this summer afternoon, he’s seen a cabin prospectus on the Telemark islands, or “second home,” as he would call it later, when he presented the plan to his Somali father.

For eight years, Jonis Josef has been one of the country’s most active stand-up comedians, he has developed and starred in the NRK broadcast adult drama “Kongen av Gulset” and the current TV 2 insurance skit “Kasko”. He has hosted podcasts and P3 programs. He had won the Golden Route and received the keys to his hometown; Overall, he has come a long way since he was named the best salesperson of the year at Skien-based telephone sales company TM-huset in 2009.

Now he can also put a “leading star” on his CV, after a D2 jury named him one of 30 people under 30 working to make the world a better place.

This Thursday night he will do a short stand-up for graduating students at the sports center in Skien, then he will return to Oslo and do more or less the same all weekend, ending with his regular Sunday show “Hangover” on the Nieu stage.

There he always had a secret cast of more under-established comedians, as he had early on in his career – new NRK-related humorous voices such as Martha Leivestad, Galvan Mehidi and Amalie Stuve all did their first stand-up under Jonis Josef, as Herman Flesvig did.

– I had a thought from the start, when I realized that I was good at speaking for myself and selling myself into a good position – if I don’t take advantage of it, I always arrange for others to take advantage of it, says Yusuf.

– Not only become a comedian, but also a facilitator producer, and doing everything from the outside, that’s something I aspire to. No, it’s me To do.

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