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One year after climbing onto the global podium for the first time, Canda’s Pierce LePage became world champion in the decathlon in Budapest, setting out on his lifelong streak to win with a world-leading 8909.

The two days of action were full of twists and turns, from the inspired start by Germany’s Leo Neugebauer, to the retirement of world record holder Kevin Mayer and 2019 world champion Niklas Kaul, and the 54.97m decathlon best that was eventually won by the bronze medalist. Lindon. Winner.

But at the end of the contest, it was LePage who shone the brightest. He may not be the best in any of the 10 disciplines, but he consistently performs well in all disciplines, placing in the top five across seven disciplines.

Since breaking through the international level in 2016, LePage has gradually fulfilled its great promise. Commonwealth silver in 2018 was followed by Pan-American Games bronze in 2019. She placed fifth at the 2019 World Championships, her first global event, and repeated the position at the Tokyo Olympics before taking world silver in Oregon last year.

But here in Budapest, the 27-year-old athlete is cementing himself as the new all-around athletics king.

He started strong, clocking 10.45 in the 100m to rank fourth overall behind Warner (10.32), Ayden Owens-Delerme (10.43) and Manuel Eitel (10.44).

A 7.59m jump in the long jump kept LePage in fourth place overall, while a 7.77m jump kept Warner in the lead. But Neugebauer was the star of the event, posting a life-best 8.00m, catapulting the young German from 10th place to second overall.

Neugebauer was also the best player in shot put, hitting his all-time best of 17.04m to take the lead. Warner threw for 15.03m but held on for second, while LePage moved up to third after throwing 15.81m.

Defending champion and world record holder Kevin Mayer did not start in shot put, having entered the championship with several nagging injuries.

Meanwhile, Australian Olympic bronze medalist Ashley Moloney threw a 14.08m shot but then backed out.

Top of the leaderboard closed a bit after the high jump with Neugebauer finishing 2.02m to Warner 2.05m and LePage 2.08m. The Canadian duo later tied in points, but LePage moved up to second after the 400m, posting a time of 47.21 to Warner’s 47.86.

Neugebauer was slightly slower (47.99) but that was enough to carry a 30 point lead into day two.

Meanwhile, Victor and Karel Tilga from Estonia continue to move up the leaderboard. Victor finished second best overall in shot put (15.94m) and completed his first day with high jumps of 2.02m and 48.05 400m, taking him to fourth overall. Tilga was also solid in shot put (15.75m) and high jump (2.05m), placing her in the medal race.

The second day started with a near disaster for overnight leader Neugebauer. The NCAA champion broke the first barrier in the 110m hurdles, and then cut the next two barriers. Somehow, he managed to hang on and finish with a decent time of 14.75.

But LePage’s 13.77 time means the competition has a new overall leader. Warner also overtook Neugebauer, thanks to his running speed of 13.67 – the fastest on the day.

LePage extended his lead in discus throws, 50.98m to 45.82m by Warner. However, Victor excelled by posting a championship-best decathlon record of 54.97m, moving up from fifth to third in the standings.

Neugebauer hit a solid 47.63 m shot, but was about eight meters short of the record he set at the NCAA Championship and far short of the points he had hoped for in the discipline.

US champion Harrison Williams bagged some good points in the pole vault thanks to his 5.30m clearance, moving him to fifth place. LePage was next best with 5.20m, which outperformed Neugebauer (5.10m), Warner (4.90m), Victor (4.80m) and Tilga (4.80m), ensuring the Canadian remained in the race. top. With two games remaining, LePage’s lead is nearly 200 points.

The javelin is mostly starting to form. LePage hit the second best shot of his life, 60.90m, to stay ahead of the competition, but the gap was reduced slightly with Warner throwing 63.09m and Victor throwing 68.05m.

Tilga also threw well, 66.42m, though not as far as her Estonian teammate Janek Oiglane, who was the best of the bunch at 70.45m. Neugebauer managed to slip to fourth in 57.95m.

Entering the 1500m, LePage has scored 8228 points – a respectable score for the complete decathlon. He has a 154 point lead over Victor and 184 points over Warner, who is the strongest 1500m runner of the leading trio.

Barring disaster, LePage has basically done enough to win.

As expected, Warner made it to the 1500m position, with a time of 4:27.73. But LePage’s time of 4:39.88 was more than enough to maintain the lead, giving him a win tally of 8909 out of 8804 belonging to Warner. LePage’s score is the second best winning mark for a decathlon at a World Championships behind Ashton Eaton’s then world record of 9045 in 2015.

Victor, determined to win his first global medal, clocked a lifetime best of 4:39.67 to take bronze with 8756, breaking his own national record, and achieving the best score for third place in any decathlon.

Depth records were achieved across the course, Tilga’s 8681 PB and Neugebauer’s 8645 being the best scores for fourth and fifth respectively.

In an important competition for Estonian decathletes, Tilga’s teammates Oiglane (8524) and Johannes Erm (8484) also set a lifetime record.

Harrison Williams of the US scored 8500 in seventh and Markus Rooth of Norway in eighth with 8491, ahead of his domestic rival Sander Skotheim (10th with 8263).

This is the first time that seven people have broken 8500 and nine people have scored over 8400 in the same competition.

“The decathlon didn’t start with the best, and that’s why I fought so hard today,” said LePage, who added more than 200 points to his PB to move up to sixth on the world’s all-time list. “I did everything since this morning and it makes me very proud.

“I got some close calls. First, when I landed in the pits during the long jump, I dislocated my shoulder. That’s rough. Then I cramped at 1.99m in the high jump. This morning I pulled my hamstring before the hurdles. But it’s the decathlon – we’re used to lots of injuries, you can get through it.

“I have come a long way. I’ve done so many decathlon with Damian and we’ve always supported each other, so it’s a pleasure to share this podium with him,” added LePage, who led Warner’s Canadian team 1-2 at the Hypo Meeting earlier this year. LePage is now the first person in 12 years to win both the Hypo Meeting and the world title in the same season.

“This medal goes to my coach (Greg Portnoy),” added Warner. “He has been in this sport for over 40 years and he really deserves this one. Him and my physio have done a lot to get me ready for this competition. We did it.”

Warner, the Olympic champion, was happy with his younger teammate.

“If you had asked me before the World Championships if I was happy to win a silver medal, I probably would have said no,” he said. “But if someone comes out, scores 8900 points and beats me, I shake his hand. Pierce was absolutely amazing and I’m very happy for him, but I’m also very proud of myself. I want to get a gold medal, but it would be better if another Canadian won it.”

Victor, who failed to complete the 2017 and 2019 World Championships decathlon before placing fifth at Oregon, is thrilled to earn his first global medal.

“Bringing this medal home to my country is an amazing feeling and I want to get more of it,” said the two-time Commonwealth champion. “All of the decathlon were solid – nothing really crazy and nothing too bad. I came expecting to win a medal and I think that is the biggest difference from the start of my career.”

Jon Mulkeen for World Athletics

🥇 Pierce LePage❤ CAN 8909 W.L., PB
🥈 Damian Warner❤ CAN 8804SB
🥉 Lindon Victor 🇮🇩 GRN 8756 no
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