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The Liberal Party was the third political force in the previous legislature
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Justin Trudeau is Canada’s new Prime Minister, after Monday’s federal election (19) gave the Liberal Party an absolute majority, after nearly a decade of Conservative rule.

Trudeau, 43, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (1968 to 1979), will head the government after his party won an absolute majority in the new House of Commons, with 338 parliamentary seats.

The Liberal Party was the third political force in the previous legislature.

“Canadians across the country are sending a message this Monday: It’s time for change, friends, for real change,” Justin Trudeau said, in his victory speech in Montreal, where he lives and was elected.

The new Prime Minister also said that “a positive and optimistic vision of public life is not a naive dream”, as it can become “a powerful force for change”.

The Liberals elected at least 182 deputies, even though only 170 were needed to achieve an absolute majority.

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The Conservatives voted for 99 deputies, the NDP (Social Democrats) 43, the Bloque Québecense ten and the Greens only one. The votes of the three electoral districts still need to be counted.

The previous prime minister, Conservative Stephen Harper, who headed the Executive since 2006, has stepped down as party leader.

The Conservatives rule with 159 seats in the House of Commons. The NDP is the second largest political force, with 95 seats, and the Liberals have only 36 members of parliament. The other four seats were held by an independent, a representative from the Greens, a representative from the Québec Bloc, and a dissident.

Due to the increase in population, 30 federal districts were created, 15 of which were in the province of Ontario, six in Alberta and British Columbia, and three in Quebec.

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