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Group B of the 2023 Women’s World Cup will be defined this Monday (07/31). After all, at 7 a.m. (Brasilia time), the two matches of the third and final round will take place. At Melbourne’s Rectangular Stadium, Australia take on Canada. At Lang Park in Brisbane, Ireland and Nigeria are playing.

where to look

The Canada v Australia and Nigeria v Ireland matches will be broadcast by Cazé TV (Youtube) and ( But Cazé opens the show 30 minutes earlier. From now on, SporTV will only broadcast the match between Canadians and Australians.

The situation

Ireland, with zero points, is eliminated. But the other three selections are in the fight for the two vacant positions. Thus, leaders with four points, a gap of one and three goals scored, the Nigerians face an eliminated rival and only need a draw. Even if they lose, Nigeria can advance. He is therefore in the best position of the group. In the other match, on the other hand, drama: whoever wins will qualify for the round of 16 and the draw will go to Canada. However, as there are many variations, see below what each team needs to reach the knockout stages.


1st place – NIGERIA – 4 POINTS
Go if:
1 – Win
2 – Tie
3 – Lose and Canada beat Australia
4 – Lose, but Canada lose to Australia with a bigger gap than theirs

It is deleted if:
1 – Lose and draw between Canada and Australia
2 – Lose, but Canada loses by a smaller margin

2nd place – CANADA – 4 POINTS
Go if:
1 – Win
2 – Tie
3 – Lose, but Nigeria loses by a bigger margin than you

It is deleted if:
1 – Lose, but Nigeria loses by a smaller margin than you

3rd Place – AUSTRALIA – 3 POINTS
Go if:
1 – Win
2 – Draw and Nigeria lose

Deleted if:
1 – Draw and Nigeria win or draw
2 – Lose

4th place – IRELAND – ZERO POINT
It’s already deleted

The Canadians beat Ireland and are now playing a draw against Australia to advance to the knockout stages. But defeat could mean elimination – Photo: Colin Murty/AFP via Getty Images

how is canada

The big doubt in the Canadian team is whether the veteran Sinclair, who is saying goodbye to the selection in this World Cup, will go to the game or not. Football’s top scorer among national teams (both men and women) is not 100% physically fit. Still, she is the benchmark for the team alongside Huitema, that’s effectively guaranteed in the game.

how is australia

The big news for Australian fans is that the hosts’ biggest star, the exceptional Sam Kerr, who sat out the first two games, has been cleared by the medical service and is confirmed in attack. So, with the great player from Chelsea/ING, one of the main teams in women’s football in Europe, the team gains a lot in quality in this match in which, based on their efforts alone, Australia needs to win .


Women’s Cup 2023 – Group B – 3rd round
Date and time: 07/31/2021, 7 a.m. (from Brasilia)
Local: Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (AUS)
CANADA:Sheridan; Riviere, Buchanan, Gilles, Lawrence; Fleming, Quinn, Gross; Huitema, Leon, Sinclair. technical: Beverly Priestman
AUSTRALIA: Arnold; Carpenter, Hunt, Kennedy, Catley; Gorry, Cooney-Cross; Shallow, foord, vine; Sam Kerr. Technician: Tony Gustavson
Arbitrator: Stephanie Frappart (FRA)
helpers: Manuela Nicolosi and Elodie Coppola (both French)

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