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Bolsonaro promises humanitarian visas for Ukraine

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) remains neutral regarding the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but, in an interview with the Os Pingos nos Is program, on Rádio Jovem Pan, Monday, 28, he assured that the federal government is working within inter-ministerial regulations to issue humanitarian visa for Ukrainian citizens who are interested in coming to Brazil. During the conversation, Bolsonaro spoke about Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory, but pondered saying that caution was needed to address this issue.

“We regret what happened in Ukraine, we regret the invasion and, as we did in September 2021, for humanitarian visas, we allowed several dozen Afghans to come to Brazil – they are Christians, women and children – and I just spoke with Minister Carlos Frana, he said that he will take the necessary actions (…) We will open the possibility for Ukrainians to come to Brazil on humanitarian visas, which is the easiest way to come here”, said . “Through this humanitarian visa, we are open to accepting Ukrainian citizens,” he added.

According to the president, the regulation should be issued by Tuesday, 29, with guidelines for Ukrainians to come into the country. Bolsonaro explained that refugees should seek the Brazilian embassy to apply for humanitarian visas, where they will be registered for placement. transported safely.

Ukrainian airspace was closed due to bombings and overhead fighter jets. Therefore, the arrival of Ukrainian citizens must occur, especially after moving to another country, such as Romania, which Bolsonaro mentioned in the interview.

We will do everything possible to welcome Ukrainians who may wish to come here, of course. Let’s make their life easier. This document is part of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have ordered work in this direction, maybe even the regulation will be issued today”, he said.

Still commenting on the conflict in Ukraine, Bolsonaro said he “must be careful”, as Russia is one of the main exporters of agricultural inputs to the country. for agriculture), our agribusiness will be seriously affected”.

“You have to be careful. It’s not what some people want me to do: punch the table and say ‘Brazil is on this side or that side and there’s nothing more to say’. The whole world is interdependent, so I believe that these economic sanctions are unlikely to work in their own interests. [dos países]”, he has stated.

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