Luisa Sonza talks about hate after Winderson lost his son

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Today, March 23, Diário Prime brings another news, Luisa Sonza speaks of hatred after Winderson lost his son.

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First Luisa Sonza talk again about the hate attacks she received on the web, since the beginning of her relationship with Whindersson Nunes.

In an interview with Is there?the singer also reported that when the comedian’s son died after birth, the attacks intensified.

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So, according to the singer, some netizens claimed that she expected the death of her baby and admitted to trying to learn from this hate attack, in this way, she made the following statement:

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“I have learned to live with these attacks. Nobody likes to be hated, of course. But I also need to focus on my goals and think of good things and constructive criticism. It’s made me feel really bad for months now, but I’ve been trying not to accept it or accept it as little as possible.”

Luisa Sonza talks hate after Winderson lost her son -Photo: Brasil News

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Luisa tells more

The singer gave more details on what happened, and said that many people attacked him thinking he was going to give up his career. But consolidated in the music business, the singer assures: “There are people who want to hit me at all costs, thinking they’re going to stop me, but they definitely won’t.”

In closing, Sonza stated that the attacks were sexist and for this reason, she decided to write music to further empower women. Besides, he ends by saying that established women are annoying.

“We live in a very sexist society, where almost all areas are dominated by men. So, watching one woman grow, empower other women, and do what she wants, is very uncomfortable. And that’s how it was from the day I decided to use my art as a way to empower women”, end.

With that, Luisa ended her statement, really worrying about this case isn’t it? Don’t forget to comment and stay connected with Prime Daily so you don’t miss the latest news we have.

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