Military Sexual Harassment Rises, Canadian Government Apologizes


Ministry of defence Canada and Canada’s Chief of Defense Staff apologizes for the flare-up sexual harassment From military the country. They say that the government has failed to protect the soldiers.

“I apologize to you on behalf of the government Canada,” Defense Minister Anita Anand said in an event broadcast live on social media as reported by the news agency AFPTuesday (14/12/2021).

“We must acknowledge the pain and trauma experienced by so many people because the institutions tasked with protecting and defending our country do not always protect and defend their own members,” he added on Monday (13/12) local time.

The apology is part of the solution class action brought against the Canadian government by nearly 19,000 serving and retired military members, as well as civil defense workers.

It comes after several senior officers face sexual misconduct investigations, including former chief of defense staff Jonathan Vance, who has been charged with obstruction of justice in the investigation into the case.

The current Chief of the Defense Staff, General Wayne Eyre, emphasized in remarks Monday (13/12) that among soldiers, “trust can mean the difference between life and death. And we betrayed that trust.”

The Canadian government has commissioned former International Criminal Court (ICT) prosecutor, Louise Arbour, to help clean up the culture inside militarywhich Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says doesn’t “get it” in terms of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

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