Milla Grosberghaugen Andreassen became world junior champion

17-year-old Andreassen took silver in the sprint on Saturday when Finland’s Eevi-Inkeri Tossavainen won. On Monday, Andreassen was one of the biggest favorites and in a match with Swede Lisa Eriksson she took the gold medal.

The great Norwegian talent has two medals in his first two practices in his first junior WC.

Andreassen and Eriksson got very good gaps from the other competitors halfway. The duo stayed together for a long time, but with four kilometers to go, Andreassen got a few seconds from Eriksson, which the Swede was unable to regain.

Swedish silver

The distance to the finish line is a whopping 21 seconds. Eriksson held on and secured the silver. Eva Ingebrigtsen was in contention for the bronze medal towards the final but lost. It goes to Tossavainen.

Ingebrigtsen was eighth, while Anniken Sand finished tenth. Tuva Brusveen-Jensen is eleventh, 1.48 minutes behind Andreassen.

Andreassen put himself at the front of the pitch from the start and has some good candidates with him. After more than five kilometers, the group of five runners had drifted apart a bit from the rest of the course, but neither could keep up with the tight-knit duo when the pace set.

The jerk

After Andreassen and Eriksson got hold of the hold, it was Andreassen who took most of it. With four kilometers remaining, Andreassen took his chance and moved to Eriksson. The Swede was unable to respond to the attack and had 17 seconds to get ahead of Andreassen with 2.5 kilometers to go.

He had no chance of winning, but secured the Swedish silver. On Thursday, a 10-kilometer free technique awaits at Whistler.

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