Minut Regent Visits Funeral Home for Student Who Died Mysteriously in Canada

North Minahasa

A sad atmosphere enveloped the house of the late Grace Karundeng, a student from North Minahasa (Minut), North Sulawesi (Sulut), who died mysteriously in Canada. The mourners also seemed to continue to arrive.

Monitoring detik.comFriday (28/1/2022), at the funeral home of Airmadidi Atas Village, Airmadidi District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi), mourners came one after another to offer their condolences. The body of the late Grace is known to have arrived at the funeral home at around 12.00 WITA.

Not only that, a number of flower bouquets were seen continuing to arrive from relatives, close family and officials.

One of the mourners who came to the funeral home was Minut Regent Joune Ganda. He came to pay his respects in Airmadidi Atas Village, Minut, at around 19.00 WITA.

“I am the Regent of North Minahasa and my family express my condolences for the death of Grace Karundeng, and of course, we believe and believe that God made it for the family,” said North Minahasa Regent Joune Ganda when asked for confirmation, Friday (1/28/2022). ), at the funeral home in Airmadidi Atas Village, Minut.

Joune hopes the bereaved family will remain patient with this issue. Joune also offered his deepest condolences to the family.

“We all pray for the family to be given true strength, ability and comfort,” he said.

Joune said the family had accepted their son’s death. Despite the grief, he said, the family was grateful that Grace’s body could be brought back to Indonesia.

“The family has also accepted Grace’s death. Grace’s arrival here is also a joy for the family. Even in the midst of a temporary grieving situation,” he concluded.


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