Mislavsuk ‘Super Anger’ in Canada ranks 15th in men’s triathlon

Sometimes an athlete agrees that they can no longer give, and what happens during a race is the best they can give.

Not so on Monday for Canada’s Tyler Mislavsuk in Tokyo. Oak Bluff, Mann., finished 15th in the Original Olympic Triathlon, and his disappointment was clear.

Mislavsky was amazed after the race and left with realistic expectations that he would win a medal.

‘I’m not good at running. He was very angry. Not today. I don’t know what to say. Very disappointed,” he told the finish line in the last seconds. “I wish people gave more.

You trained your whole life for this. I haven’t been home in a year [because of training] Getting to 15 is very frustrating. »

The 26-year-old has every reason to believe he can do better.

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Norway’s Christian Blumenfeld celebrates when he crosses the line to win gold in the men’s triathlon. (Getty Images)

A year ago, Mislavsuk took first place in this exact course, becoming the first Canadian in 20 years to become an Olympic winner of the Olympic triathlon test event.

As part of his breakthrough year, he won the first two world championships of his career and won his first World Triathlon Series medal by winning bronze in Montreal.

Mislavsouk couldn’t reflect that magic in the magical heat of Monday in Tokyo, and never hit the stage on his own.

Competitors swimming in the background with the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. (Getty Images)

Organizers started the race at 06:30 local time to escape the afternoon heat, but it was still hot during this final endurance test. Racers lead the trails that lurk in the backdrop of the Rainbow Bridge around Tokyo Bay.

Mislavsuk finished ninth after swimming 1500 meters and 16th after 40 kilometers by bicycle. But in that grueling 10km race, she failed to build on any terrain, and finished in 46.28 seconds, 84 seconds ahead of Norway’s Christine Blumenfeld who flew the field in a dominant performance. Alex Yee of England took silver and Hayden Wild of New Zealand took bronze.

The only Canadian athlete at the event was Matthew Sharp, 30, of Victoria, who finished 49th in his Olympic debut with a time of 1:57.32.

“I stumbled a bit during the race and couldn’t run as hard as I practiced,” said Mislavsuk. “I can’t drive too full, I can’t go fast.”

After seeing another Canadian Simon Whitfields silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Mislav was encouraged to enter the triathlon. Whitfield Sydney won gold on his Olympic debut in 2000. Mislavsuk has been working with the flu for the past 18 months in hopes that he will put on a great show here again in Tokyo.

That doesn’t mean it has to.

Se | Technology helps Tyler Mislavsuk take successful training to the next level:

Despite the physical distance between the Olympics and their coaches, technology has helped take training to the next level. 2:14

Corp., Ontario., and Cly at the Triathlon for Women Tuesday morning.

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