Nanaimo Bars, Canadian Sweet Dishes Suitable for Celebrating Christmas

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – In general, sweet foods such as candy J sticks and marshmallows will always be there at Christmas celebrations. Usually on the special day of Christmas, every family will make something unusual, one of which is Nanaimo Bariconic Canadian food.

Nanaimo bars are a three-layer, no-bake dessert made with biscuits, coconut crumbs and creamy custard butter that’s soft in the middle. Although this sweet snack can be consumed all year round, it is more suitable to be eaten during holidays, such as Christmas celebrations. Of course, this food can also be a dish that you can try to make at home when Christmas later.

This recipe was first discovered in the Nanaimo Hospital Cookbook in 1952 which features three nearly identical recipes that differ only slightly from the modern version of Nanaimo bars. They are referred to as Chocolate Square and Chocolate Slice. This sweet treat became popular after World War II.

In April 2019, the Canada Post announced the release of a stamp booklet dedicated to Canadian desserts and sweets. The booklet of 10 stamps features an image of a Nanaimo bar, butter tart, tarte au sucre (sugar pie), blueberry grunt and Saskatoon berry pie.

Making Nanaimo bars is quite easy. The ingredients needed are cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, grated coconut, salt, butter, biscuits, milk, chocolate bars and cream. If you don’t have custard powder, you can replace it with vanilla custard.

After all the ingredients have been mixed, let it cool for about 2 hours until it hardens, then spread the dough ice pudding evenly in the middle cake. For topping use melted chocolate, then pour on top. Refrigerate again at least 3 hours before the Nanaimo bars are served.


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