New forms of denial of service can be amplified four billion times

Security experts from seven different companies have discovered a new denial of service method that allows attacks with a single packet from a single device to be made more than four billion times larger. It describes the Shadowservers organization in a blog post. They are one of seven different teams that have discovered the method.

The discovery was made on drivers on the systems of Canadian telecommunications company Mittel and revealed that security experts have successfully carried out historically powerful attacks.


“Test systems detected abuse for sustained DDOS attacks of up to 14 hours using a simple attack package resulting in a record set packet gain ratio of 4,294,967,296:1,” Shadowserves wrote in a blog post.

Security experts also emphasize that such attacks can easily be hidden from where they originate, making it difficult to detect who carried out the attack.

The experiments have only been carried out in isolated systems, and researchers have stated the figures for theory. Thus we don’t know if it has as much capacity in reality as it does in the laboratory.

The Miltel system is also designed in such a way that it can only send one order at a time, and thus will also affect other customers if a denial of service attack is carried out.

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