News | Gazeta is among the best in the world with Raposa Política and Capixapédia

The two projects are finalists of the INMA Global Media Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the media business sector; the awards ceremony took place this Friday (26), in New York, in the United States

The award ceremony took place this Friday (26) in New York, in the United States. (Elaine Silva)

Posted on May 26, 2023 at 22.09

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The Political Fox competes for the Best Product or Video Resource category and competes with vehicles from Australia, India, Sweden and Germany. Political Fox is a humorous character from Sheet observing the electoral environment. During the 2022 election season, Raposa analyzes the capixaba political scene, always with a hilarious tirade, in a series of videos.

Farley Sil, Letícia Goncalves, Raposa, Adriana Rios
Farley Sil, Letícia Gonçalves, Raposa and Adriana Rios: the team that produced Raposa Política. (Vitor Jubini)

Capixapédia is listed in the category that selects Best Use of Social Media. Among regional brands, it competes with vehicles from India, Canada, Germany and Argentina. This project is an encyclopedia of curiosities, history and culture about Espírito Santo and has an exclusive profile on Instagram (@capixapedia).

Gazeta distribution team
Gazeta Distribution Team, in charge of Capixapedia. (Farley Sil)

Among the vehicles of the Brazilian finalists, Sheet is the only area. Editora Globo and Nexo Jornal also compete among national brands.

Entries were evaluated by 54 media experts from 20 countries. They analyze innovative outcomes, unique concepts, creativity, innovative thinking and winning synergies between platforms, as reported by INMA.

To the Chief Editor Sheet He CBN VictoriaElaine Silva, who was present at the event, felt very proud, because this award was like the “Oscar” for innovation in the media sector.

Elaine Silva, editor-in-chief of A Gazeta and CBN Vitória.
Elaine Silva, editor-in-chief of A Gazeta and CBN Vitória. (private collection)

“It is a tremendous honor to be one of the largest and most innovative means of communication, in the world’s largest award for media companies, whose main focus is on innovation. It shows recognition for the work we have done since digital transformation, in 2019″, he stressed.

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And the cool thing is to show that it’s not just innovation, but we’re also reaping the rewards that we sow to maintain A Gazeta’s DNA, when it comes to credibility, transparency, truthfulness, and readers’ trust in us. We don’t just innovate; we want this news to be true, that the information is checked, that we can actually be on capixaba’s side

Elaine Silva

Editor-in-chief of A Gazeta and CBN Vitória

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Another win

And that’s not the first achievement Sheet of the year: on May 16, the site was awarded, together with The Trust Project, at the Digital Latam Media Awards of the World Association of Newspapers and Editors (WAN-IFRA), in the category “Best credibility initiative”. The event brought together news outlets from across the Americas in the city of Merida, Mexico.

Compliance with The Trust Project took place in July 2021, after nearly a year of internal work involving the Journalism, Development and Product teams. The period was marked by intense discussion about journalistic practice and the resources that should be created or enhanced to broaden the public’s relationship with news content. Sheet.

Aglisson Lopes, performance editor of A Gazeta, received an award from the World Association of Newspapers
Aglisson Lopes, performance editor of A Gazeta, received an award from the World Association of Newspapers. (Sheet)

The award went into the hands of A Gazeta’s performance editor, Aglisson Lopes, who led work to get into the Trust along with editors Gisele Arantes and Carol Rodrigues. “The biggest beneficiary is of course our audience. We don’t just want numbers, pageviews, users. We want to build a more solid relationship with our readers, guaranteeing them the opportunity to participate in and understand A Gazeta’s journalistic work. For us, this is very much related to the mission of Rede Gazeta, which is to contribute to the development of Espírito Santo in all aspects”, says Aglisson.

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