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GOVERNMENT BLOGS: I became interested in disc golf in April 2015. At that time, I was active in table tennis and a friend started playing a little disc golf, and wondered if I wanted to join in a round.

Today I’m so grateful he asked and so glad I said yes. I don’t know if I would have ever tried disc golf if it weren’t for the invitation. I got hooked pretty quickly and have since bought so many frisbee golf discs that I’ve completely lost track.

After a short time I entered the neighborhood, which wasn’t very big then, but still bigger than I thought. Since then, the disc golf community has grown rapidly. I have made many new friends and competitors in Norway and internationally.

Hairy goal

Immediately I started practicing/playing every day, and if I had the chance to go out and throw, I did. After a year, I started competing a little in the junior class. The more I compete, the more excited I am. I am someone who has a hard time controlling emotions. I played really badly in the competition too often, and got frustrated and angry with myself for not doing it right. But even after a tournament like that, I’m still excited to play and compete.

The following year I decided to aim for the top. I know from the previous sports I’ve played (football and table tennis), that it’s going to take a lot from me physically, but perhaps the most important is mental. I set high goals to win NM gold and improve my training.

I watch YouTube, film myself and compare every last detail. What I have worked on the most, and what I still do a lot of, is my soul. Being able to control your head in tournaments is alpha and omega.

You will always be nervous in tournaments, so it’s about controlling your emotions during the game and doing your best. It’s been done a thousand times before.

Lots of good support

My life has always been about sports. My whole family has always supported me, through the ups and downs, and I am very grateful for that. In recent years, my boyfriend and two of my sponsors have been important in my development and investment.

Last weekend I played NM in Oslo. The course at Stovner fits my playing style very well. The goal is to take home the King’s Cup. I played a solid tournament and tied for first place after the first and second rounds. The third round was unfortunately too much for me. I struggled with putts all week, but in a certain round things went badly and I dropped to fourth place. I was 3 throws behind 3rd place, 6 throws behind 2nd place and 8 throws behind 1st place before the final round.

Check out the video from hole 15 here, filmed by André Tønsberg Bakke:

I’m really annoyed with myself for struggling with putts too much. It’s something I’ve really had control over in the last few months. I got into myself and thought: Now I will give my all, and play the way I want, I will play and not look back.

And I did. The game is good, the putt is good. I didn’t show my layup until after the putt on the 17th hole. I asked my caddy how I did the layup, he said I was in 2nd place, two strokes ahead of the third.

Decisive putt

The approach on the 17th hole was too long, and it was a bit difficult to descend the far slope. He who is in 3rd place has thrown his disc under the basket for a birdie. I pointed out that I had to put it down to keep my lead before the last hole. One of my most important putts. I went to my disk, got ready, took an extra breath.

When I dropped the disc, there was no doubt. It hit right into the basket.

Check out the video of the putt on the 17th hole here, filmed by André Tønsberg Bakke:

Hole 18, the last hole for the tournament. The thought in my head was: Just throw it in. yvind Jarnes, who was in first place, almost secured the king’s trophy with a seven-shot lead before the last hole, so I don’t think about it anymore.

Fantastic feeling

I made my pitch. The moment I removed the disc, my heart rate started to increase sharply. All I need is for the disk to land in a good zone. His throw was good and his disc landed 12 yards from the basket. I went and could only quietly place the disc under the basket to secure 2nd place in NM.

This is my best performance nationally. Being the best player of both countries is an absolutely fantastic feeling.

Photo: Helge Hjemdal


Photo: Helge Hjemdal

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