One thousand chances: Registration for Ganhando o Mundo ends this Wednesday

Registration for Ganhando o Mundo, a program that brings students from a network of countries to study in various countries, ends this Wednesday (31) and can be done at Student Area. Promoted by the Secretary of State for Education (Seed-PR), in 2023, 1,000 vacancies are offered in five different destinations: Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. So far, 10,800 students have signed up.

To realize this dream in an English-speaking country, students from 1st grade high school can participate, in the 2023 school year, and those attending grades 6 to 9 elementary schools in the State’s public network.

Of the thousand vacancies offered, 399 are reserved for the student who obtained the highest classification score in each municipality of Paraná. Another 100 vacancies are reserved exclusively for students who benefit from the Bolsa Família program, regardless of the municipality in which they are located.

Another 501 vacancies directed proportionately to municipalities that have a number equal to or greater than 100 enrollments in grade 9 primary schools on the date of preparation of the notification, in November 2022.

Curitiba, for example, will have 58 places from this total, followed by Londrina (20), São José dos Pinhais (17), Ponta Grossa (16), Cascavel (15), Maringá (14), Foz do Iguaçu (13) , Colombo (12) and Guarapuava (9). The exact number of vacancies for each municipality can be checked at public notice No. 72/2022.

When applying online in the Student Area, students must provide their full name, RG, CPF, Common Enrollment Code (CGM), email (@escola), contact phone number and school details. Both students and guardians must declare that they have read and agree with the application and the rules of the selection process.

Students cannot choose a destination country – an indication of this will be made by Seed-PR, as well as a distribution of the exact number of vacancies for each country.

CRITERIA – The score classification for selecting students will take into account three items: the standard scores obtained by students in Prova Paraná Mais, which were held between 25 October and 3 November 2022, the number of certificates obtained by students on the Inglês Paraná platform and certificates of participation as Student Monitors in the school where he was registered.

Prova Paraná Mais 2022 will weigh 70 in the rankings. English Paraná and Student Monitor will each have a weight of 15 in the total score (100). Students who have completed activities but do not have a certificate can register. It is possible to enroll even without a certificate from the program, although they do count toward the score.

In addition to the classification criteria (Prova Paraná Mais, Inglês Paraná and Aluno Monitor), students must meet several requirements for their enrollment to be validated: have studied from the 6th to 9th year of primary school at a state educational institution of the Paraná public network ; have an average of equal to or greater than 7.0 and attendance equal to or greater than 85% in every subject in the curriculum (by 2022); have been regularly enrolled in class 9 on the Paraná state public network in 2022 and have enrolled in and attended class 1 high school on the state network in 2023. On the date of departure, the minimum age must also be 14 years and a maximum of 17 years and six months .

WIN THE WORLD – The exchange program was created to enable the expansion of students’ cultural and academic repertoire, enable them to live and experience the realities of other countries, consolidate a network of young leaders who will work in public schools in the state of Paraná, in addition to enhancing the development of independence and increasing mastery of the English language.

State Governments pay for food, accommodation, transportation, issuance of visas and passports, air and ground tickets, health checks, vaccines, travel and health insurance, registration fees, tuition fees for overseas schools, teaching materials, uniforms, sworn translation of documentation schools, orientation meetings, and preparation for foreign language courses. Students also receive a monthly stipend of R$800.

“This is a program that makes it possible to learn a new culture, a new language, I made many friends, I learned a lot, I keep these memories in my heart”, says student Daiély França (17), from Colégio Estadual Guarani da Estratégica, in Nova Laranjeiras do Sul , in the South-Central. Students participate in Ganhando o Mundo Canada, 2022 edition.

Like Daiely, Gabriela Martins da Silva (17) is “champion of the world” in 2022 by undertaking an exchange program to New Zealand. Student from Teófila State College Nassar Jangada, from Reserva (Campos Gerais), said the experience enriched and helped him as a student. “It was a dream come true, I managed to develop intellectually and I can see my evolution in English. This exchange made a lot of difference in my life”, he emphasizes.

“I tell prospective students to take the opportunity to learn, it is not easy, there are many difficult moments, but I tell them to try to live this wonderful experience”, added Gabriela.

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