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Takaya Lone Wolf


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When Takaya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island was killed by a hunter, we were approached by the client to create a website that honoured Takaya's legacy and directed users to sign a petition calling for the end of wolf hunting in BC.

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The wolf who inspired the world


Cheryl Alexander, a conservation photographer and amateur naturalist has been following Takaya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island for the past six years. Her and her partner, David Green approached us shortly after Takaya was killed by a hunter. They wanted a website that gives users information on the history of Takaya along with other related information, including a link to a petition calling for a moratorium on wolf hunting in BC.

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The website holds lots of content, so the home page needed to funnel users into the appropriate areas. Our web design and strategy services were perfect for this challenge. Focusing on areas such as prompting users to sign the petition, providing links to documentaries made on Takaya, and driving traffic to inner pages such as articles, tributes and media, the website is an excellent resource for those looking to celebrate the life of this unique wolf.

As always, we focused on creating an optimized website that delivers content with fast times and a simple navigation. The home page video banner adds another layer to the immersion and instantly draws users into the experience.

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