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After many years as a local Victoria copywriter, Take My Goat founder Alex Van Tol decided to pursue an additional area of work – life coaching. While she continued to pursue copywriting separately, the Take My Goat brand was just getting off the ground and needed a digital presence. With Alex running her first vision boarding course at the end of the month, the website needed to be completed on a short timeline.

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Considering the Take My Goat brand was recently created, it was important that new clients were able to get more information about the services Alex provided by checking her out online. Quickly understanding what Take My Goat was all about when a user hits the site was very important, so the Tempo Web team worked with Alex to strategize and make sure the website was promoting her main services. With group work (vision boarding) and one-on-one work (vision boarding and direct counseling) being the main focuses, the website is split right down the middle with these two options.


After a brief introductory screen that quickly allows the user to relate to the content, clicking through leads to a well-designed, easy to read single-page website. The goal of the project was to provide succinct yet effective content for the two services that Take My Goat provides along with giving users some backstory on the owner, Alex.

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