Outside the GP, Drugovich entered the F1 radar; see Bahrain time – 02/03/2023

Stroll therefore underwent surgery, prepared himself physically, managed to drive the simulator, passed the FIA ​​medical test and will race in Bahrain. Drugovich will have to wait.

Normal. It comes from the game. And it’s the very essence of the profession of driver: wanting to race at all costs.

(Cortisone has already guaranteed the participation of many people in GPs throughout history. And, believe me, there have even been some who have participated in motorcycle races with broken legs, attached to equipment …)

For the Brazilian public, there is a certain frustration, this sensation of the candy coming out of the mouth at the precise moment of the bite. Yes, it would be nice to see the kid chasing after what he did in Formula 2 last year and, above all, after his performance in testing a few days ago.

The shortage is understandable. Since 2017, the country has not had a driver in the race all season (Massa) and since 2020 a Brazilian has not competed in a championship stage (Pietro, in Abu Dhabi).

For those who are upset by the day, rest assured: F1 does not forget.

Drugovich, I repeat what I wrote here and have been saying for a few days, you did everything right. Summoned, he scrupulously respects the schedule given to him. He didn’t bother anyone, he didn’t crash, he didn’t leave the track, he handed the car over to Alonso intact. He tested what he had to test, accelerated when the team allowed it, clocked over 600 km with the new car.

More than that: he circulated, gave interviews, participated in F1 TV shows, strengthened his relationship with Alonso, ceased to be a stranger in the paddock. As a friend taught me when I started covering F1, it is essential to “be part of the landscape”. Drugovitch got there.

Anyway, he left the business card, got on the radar. When an opportunity arises, at Aston Martin or another team that uses Mercedes engines, there is a good chance of being called up.

In the meantime, be patient.

Aston Martin’s announcement was made at noon Bahrain, 6 a.m. Brasilia, on social media. Shortly after, the team posted a photo of Stroll arriving at the circuit.

“It was frustrating not to take part in pre-season testing, I was disappointed to miss those days on track. But in light of the wrist injury, the team and I decided to focus on my recovery. so I’m ready for the GP and the whole season,” said the Canadian.

He finally gave details of what happened, ending all the mystery imposed by the team in recent weeks. “It was bad luck. I hit a hole with the tire and fell off the bike. But the damage was not significant and microsurgery on my right wrist solved the problem very quickly. Since then I working hard with the team to make I’m sure I’m 100% fit to compete this weekend.”

Thus, the starting grid for the first stage of the 74th F1 World Championship is complete.

On Sunday, any result other than a Verstappen win will come as a surprise. Red Bull have led pre-season testing, and the big question now is how much of a downside to Ferrari and Mercedes.

For another year, I have the honor to write: below the GP calendar, in the fine line of genius Let’s fly

Bahrain GP schedule

Image: Let’s fly

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