Pabllo Vittar praising Lula at Lollapalooza with flag – 03/25/2022 – Illustration

The storm that rocked the afternoon of Lollapalooza’s first day could not dampen the spirit of Pabllo Vittar, who started after the rain ended, at 17:10, 30 minutes late, on the Adidas stage, bathed in a lot of sensuality. and choreography.

Dressed in a low-cut rhinestone swimsuit, tight miniskirt and fluffy white boots, the waria took to the stage with her tecnobrega sound and opened the stage with the hit “Buzina”, from the album “Não Para Não”, from 2018 .

Then, Maranhense thanked the public for waiting and started with “Flash Pose”, the song in collaboration with Charli XCX.

Other achievements also appeared on the show, such as “Fun Tonight”—his partnership with Lady Gaga—and “Sua Cara”—with Anitta and Major Lazer–, a song Vittar used to celebrate Anitta’s record position on Global Spotify. top 50.

With the touring repertoire of “I Am Pabllo Trago”, songs such as “Trago Seu Amor de Volta”, “Passa Mal”, “Ânsia”, “Rajadão”, “Amor de Que” and “Tímida” moved the audience.

During the presentation, the artist also sang for the first time “Follow Me”, recorded in partnership with Rina Sawayama.

At the start of the show, Vittar took off her miniskirt, revealing her sparkling appearance and half-naked bottom.

On various occasions, the artist pokes fun at the hips of his dancers and sings a high-pitched classic melisma.

Despite the incredible energy of the singers and audience, the final song of the show, “KO”—the one that fans have been waiting for the most—, leaves something to be desired. Vittar’s microphone suddenly stopped for a few seconds, interrupting his performance.

The tug made a hint of hesitation with his hands, indicating that he didn’t understand what had happened and was trying to continue the show with the same energy.

Shortly after, the sound normalized and the show ended.

Before leaving the stage, Pabllo Vittar got off and walked into the audience, where he picked up a red flag with former President Lula’s face. The action, at the end of the show, resulted in several shouts in favor of PT, and against the current one, mixed with applause for the artist.

In another moment of the performance, the singer also makes an “L” with his hands, referring to him.

This isn’t the first time drag has shown support for Lula. Previously, The singer has said that he will be his candidate in this year’s presidential election and he hopes to sing at his inauguration..

Possessing some of the biggest Brazilian hits of the last five years, Vittar made his official debut at Lollapalooza Brasil just days after performing at the Chilean and Argentine editions of the festival – the artist also performed on Thursday’s Brazilian version of the show, called Onix Day, Lolla’s extra day.

The singer now has concerts scheduled in Colombia, Canada, the United States and several European countries.

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