Ponte da Barca: Middle School and Diogo Bernardes will be upgraded

The Municipality of Ponte da Barca will continue the repair work at the Middle School and Diogo Bernardes, representing a global investment of around 900 thousand euros.

The contract, for which the final report and draft contract were approved at the last board meeting, will focus on upgrading and preserving the building where the kitchen, dining and multipurpose areas are located, in the Middle School, and in the Elementary School. School, on repair and preservation of buildings where kitchens and dining areas are located, mobility of outdoor playgrounds and lateral protection of enclosed playgrounds.

The rehabilitation will basically focus on improving the hygiene and health conditions of the two kitchens, namely replacing equipment and layout, as well as related to the canteen/dining room, acoustic and passive energy behavior, increasing kitchen energy efficiency. heating and leveling systems, interior lighting comfort, and supporting furniture. Interventions will also be carried out at the auxiliary area level namely in the staff room for the kitchen staff and their changing rooms.

“Schools are places where children and young people spend most of their time, therefore, a healthy and comfortable environment is very important for their well-being and learning”, said the Mayor, Augusto Marinho, adding that “This reference to comfort in physical space is therefore should also be extended to mealtimes, recognizing that students spend most of their day at school, having lunch there, which highlights the value of this space, not only in nutrition, hygiene. and safety, but also a social perspective”.

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