Protector (2) has received honorary award from Zelenskyj

The poor and brave patron, 2 year old Jack Russell terrier, is in the defense of Ukraine. He used his super nose to sniff out bombs and mines in the city of Chernihiv. Due to the ongoing war, he is doing a very important job for his homeland.

Based on Daily Claw, Patrons have sniffed out more than 90 explosives since the war began in late March. Now this number has been increased to 150, type CNN.

The war effort has made the Patron one of the most famous dogs in Ukraine. His celebrity status now gives him more than a treat, as on Sunday he was awarded an honorary award.

Received an honorary award

The award is a symbol of the efforts Patron has made since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Zelenskyy awarded the Patron and its owner, Mykhailo Iliev, the state award “For Special Service”.

The award was presented at a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Patron mine disposal team has used technology from Canada in its work.

– No machine can match a dog’s nose

Dogs have been used to sniff out explosives and mines for the last 100 years. They just have the perfect nose for this job.

William Cronin, who is director of “American K-9 for Afghanistan and Mali, West Africa”, describes a dog nose like this, in an article for the US Army:

– No machine can match a dog’s nose. When you walk into your grandmother’s kitchen, you smell the stew. But when the dog walked into your grandmother’s kitchen, she smelled carrots, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce, she said.

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