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Action is retaliation for sanctions adopted by Joe Biden’s government

The Russian Foreign Ministry decided on Wednesday (13) to impose sanctions on 398 members of the US Congress and another 87 senators from Canada.

The move was in retaliation for a similar decision taken by the Joe Biden government and released by the Russian agency Tass.

“In reaction to the new wave of anti-Russian sanctions announced on March 24 by the Biden administration against 328 Duma deputies, reciprocal punitive action was taken against 398 members of the US House of Representatives,” the Russian government said in a statement.
Russia has released the names of all convicted US Congressmen.

Among those measures was a ban on their entry into Russian territory.
In another note, Russia’s foreign ministry announced similar sanctions against the Canadian senator and stressed that more action would be taken against Canada for its “narrow-sighted” policies.

Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke for the first time about the “genocide” in Ukraine, after US President Joe Biden used the same term to classify the Russian invasion.

“We can talk more about genocide,” Canada’s prime minister told reporters who asked him about the Democrats’ remarks yesterday.
United Kingdom – Earlier, the British government announced that it was expanding, in coordination with the European Union (EU), the list of people subject to sanctions in response to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The document includes 178 pro-Moscow separatists and more oligarchs with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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