Russia Is Bombarded With Economic Sanctions, Here’s The List


Many countries have imposed sanctions on Russia, as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

The sanctions are aimed at crippling Russia’s economy in order to stop its attacks on Ukrainian territory. The United States (US), European Union (EU), Canada, Japan and Taiwan have each launched sanctions against Russia. The series of Russian sanctions will target banks, oil refineries and military exports.

List of Russian sanctions imposed by several countries

Quoted from the Al Jazeera page (7/3/2022), here is a complete list of Russian sanctions from a number of countries:

United States of America

US President Joe Biden has imposed sanctions on Russia more broadly in a bid to cut Russia off from the global economy. The US sanctioned Russia by targeting special action against tycoons by hunting down luxury assets such as cruise ships, commercial banks and Russian state-owned banks, and targeting sanctions on close relatives of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A new round of US sanctions has banned exports of refining technology which has made it difficult for Russia to modernize its refineries. Last week, the US and its allies also banned several Russian banks from the SWIFT international payment system. Biden also said the US was ready to add sanctions if Russia went any further.

European Union

The European Union imposed sanctions on Russia by limiting Moscow’s access to capital markets in European Union countries. The 27 European Union countries have also imposed several sanctions packages on Russia, by banning export activities.

AE’s package of sanctions on Russia aims to inflict “severe damage” on Putin’s country’s economy. The Bank of Russia is the target of EU sanctions. In addition, the EU will target Russian parliamentarians, who support the recognition of the breakaway territory from Ukraine. The targeted sanctions include asset freezes and visa bans.


Britain imposed sanctions by isolating Russian banks from the global economy. Previously, Britain had imposed sanctions on five Russian banks, namely Rossiya Bank, IS Bank, General Bank, Promsvyazbank and Black Sea Bank. In addition to banks, the UK also sanctioned three billionaires from Russia, namely Gennady Timchenko, Boris Rotenberg, and Igor Rotenberg.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Britain would be prepared to impose tougher sanctions if Russia did not back down. The sanctions include banning various high-tech export activities, extractive industries, and barring Russia’s main airline Aeroflot from landing in the UK.


Canada’s sanctions target 62 individuals and entities, including elite members and major banks, and cancel all export permits. Canada’s sanctions against Russia are more targeted at the Russian Security Council, such as the defense minister, finance minister, and justice minister.

Justin also emphasized that Canada will prioritize immigration applications for Ukrainian citizens, who wish to come to Canada.

South Korea

South Korea decided to impose sanctions on Russia, by tightening export controls and banning the export of strategic goods. South Korea has joined forces with Western countries to block several Russian banks from the SWIFT international payment system.


Switzerland will adopt all EU sanctions on Russian individuals and companies by freezing their assets.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s witness to Russia is banning Russian airlines from flying to central European countries. Prime Minister Petr Fiala will also expedite the exit of two international banks set up in Russia.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance will analyze the access of Russian-owned companies. The history of the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia, makes the Czech Republic’s stance tougher than some of its other Western European partners.


Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told a news conference that Tokyo would sanction Russia by targeting Russian financial institutions and individuals. In addition to financial institutions, Japan will also stop exports of military goods such as semiconductors.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced new sanctions on Russia in late February, targeting the Russian oligarchs and more than 300 Russian lawmakers. Australia will also work closely with the US, to harmonize sanctions against Belarusian individuals and key entities assisting Russia.


Germany’s sanctions against Russia are to stop the process of certifying Nord Stream 2 gas from Russia, as announced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The termination of the process for certifying the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia is a lucrative deal that has long been sought by Russia, but has been criticized by the US for increasing Europe’s dependence on Russian energy. The $11.6 billion project is known to be owned by Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom.


Taiwan sanctioned Russia by imposing economic sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

“We strongly condemn the act of invasion (Russia’s attack on Ukraine), and will join democratic countries to jointly impose sanctions,” Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang said, without providing details.

Asked about the sanctions, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), Asia’s most valuable listed company, said it had a strong export control system and would follow the rules.

New Zealand

New Zealand sanctioned Russia by banning targeted travel to Russia, and barring trade to its military.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stressed that Russia’s attack on Ukraine was inhumane, and said that an unimaginable number of innocent lives could be lost because of Russia’s decision to attack Ukraine.


Ukraine also sanctioned Russia by limiting almost all activities, such as a ban on entry to Ukraine, prohibiting access to assets, capital, property, business licenses.

Ukraine’s sanctions against Russia have also been approved by the Russian Parliament, against 351 Russians, including lawmakers who support recognizing the independence of the separatist-controlled region and sending Russian troops into eastern Ukraine.

That was a list of Russian sanctions launched by a number of countries for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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