Russian Foreign Minister: World War III Will Involve Nuclear Weapons, JAKARTA — Minister of Foreign Affairs Russia Sergey Lavrov warned that if a third world war occurred it would involve nuclear weapons, citing the RIA news agency, Wednesday (2/3/2022). This was delivered on the seventh day Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Lavrov said that Russia, which had launched a special military operation into Ukraine last week, faced danger from nuclear weapons Ukraine. But he gave no evidence other than to say that Ukraine still had Soviet nuclear technology and the capability to operate it.

This was conveyed by the Russian Foreign Minister at the Disarmament Conference at the United Nations on Tuesday (1/3/2022) local time.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now entered its seventh day. The war broke out after President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation in Donbas, a region in eastern Ukraine held by pro-Russian separatists.

Shortly after, Russian troops pushed their way through various parts of Ukraine in the north, south and east. Ukraine then responded to the attack.

Until yesterday, Russia was still bombarding a number of cities in Ukraine, including the capital, Kiev. The victims of these attacks were not only the military, but also civilians. At least 136 people in Ukraine have died as a result of the Russian attack.

Before Russia’s war with Ukraine broke out, the two countries held talks on Monday (28/2/2022), but failed to reach an agreement. They are then scheduled to hold a second negotiation today, Wednesday (2/3).

Meanwhile, Russia’s offensive stance has drawn criticism from various countries. US President Joe Biden has imposed a number of sanctions on Russia.

Most recently, the US joined the European Union and Canada in banning Russian aircraft from Uncle Sam’s airspace. Biden also said the Justice Department would seek to seize yachts, luxury apartments and private jets belonging to wealthy Russians with ties to Putin.

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