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Everything you need to keep your website online and secure.

Web Hosting

To have a website that users can visit online, you need to have a web host.

A hosting server is where the website files are made available 24/7/365. Our web hosting is priced at $12/month. We monitor uptimes and are notified immediately if your website goes down, which is extremely rare.

Email Hosting

A domain email address shows you are professional and take your business seriously.

Email hosting provides you with a professional domain email address which uses your domain name as the extension. Although Gmail, Hotmail or similar email addresses are free, they are not nearly as professional. Our email hosting plans start at $3/month. Contact us to find a solution that works best for you and your company or organization!

Domain Management

Tired of worrying about your domain expiring? Let us handle it.

Your domain is the address of your website. Ours is This identifies your website and allows users to easily search for you in their browser. It is essential for a website presence and is the first step when you decide to take your company or organization online. We charge $25/year for .com and .ca domain renewals. Contact us for pricing on other domain extensions such as .co, .net or .org.


Think of your website like your vehicle. A regular oil change keeps it working its best.

Just like your vehicle, if you don’t keep your website up to date, it will begin to cause you problems. Especially with content management systems such as WordPress, it’s very important to make sure the WordPress core, plugins, and theme (if applicable) are kept up to date. This is easily the best way to combat malicious attacks from hackers. We offer maintenance packages at $15/month.

SSL Certificates

Secure your website. Improve your rankings in a Google search. Provide trust to your users.

Ever look up in your address bar and see a “Not secure” icon next to the website address you are visiting? This website does not have an SSL certificate. In our eyes, this makes getting an SSL certificate equipped to your website worth it, but the main purpose for an SSL is to act as a security device to encrypt data entered in your website between the user's computer and the server. An SSL is $50/year.

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