Stepfather becomes grandfather at 38 after helping give birth to his stepdaughter in a supermarket parking lot | labor

Seeing that there was no time to go to the hospital, he stopped his car in the parking lot of a supermarket and, there, helped with the delivery. According to British newspapers daily mailPhilip had to unroll umbilical cordthat circled the girl’s neck twice.

“It happened so fast. Anyone would do the same. I know I have to stay calm. All it takes is a few pushes and he is here. The rope was wrapped around her neck twice, but as soon as I let go she started breathing and crying a little,” the grandfather reported.

THAT expected delivery date it was december 6th and 10 days had passed when mom started giving birth contraction. Philip’s wife, Jamie Metcalfe, suggests Morgan take a bath, but the pain gets worse. A mother of three, Jamie thought there was plenty of time ahead of her when Morgan stepped in laborBut in fact, the process until little Esmae was born only lasted an hour and a half. “It was the fastest labor I’ve ever known, especially since it was my first [filho]“, said the stepfather.

After a hasty labor in the parking lot, Philip takes the mother and baby to the hospital, where they are cared for by a team of midwives. The girl was born weighing 3.2 kg and is now at home with her family. “She is so beautiful, I can’t stop hugging her,” said the proud grandfather.

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