Stoltenberg warns of Putin’s plans in the north

That’s what Stoltenberg wrote in an article in a Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail in light of his visit to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week.

In the article, he points out, among other things, that the shortest route to North America for Russian missiles or bombers is through the North Pole.

Arctic a theme

The Arctic will be a topic there, and especially Russian aggression in the north.

– Last month, President Vladimir Putin unveiled a new maritime strategy to protect Arctic waters ‘by all available means’, including increased activity around the Svalbard archipelago, and the Zircon hypersonic missile system in the Northern Fleet. Russia’s ability to disrupt allied reinforcements across the North Atlantic poses a strategic challenge to the alliance, Stoltenberg wrote.

Also warns about China’s plans

The NATO chief also warned about China’s plans in the Arctic.

– China is also expanding its reach, declaring itself a “Near Arctic state” and planning a “Polar Silk Road” connecting China to Europe via the Arctic. Earlier this year, Beijing and Moscow pledged to intensify practical cooperation in the Arctic, as part of a deep strategic partnership that challenges our values ​​and interests, wrote the Secretary-General.

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