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Carrying out a controlled burn after a serious fire in Farsund

A violent fire broke out in a building comprising both a restaurant and apartments in Borhaug, west of Farsund, on Wednesday night. Central 110 was informed of the fire by an ambulance, which passed the scene at 03:20.

– At the moment the fire is quite limited, but at one point it burned well. It was crazyIl over-ignition, a lot of smoke and expertise in progress has been made to evacuate the neighboring houses because of the smoke. The fire was put out so quickly and the smoke cleared so quickly that it was unnecessary, operations manager Knut Odde in the Agder police district told TV 2 just after 6.30am.

The flames had started to subside overnight, but at 5 a.m. Wednesday morning the flames flared up again.

– The current situation is that the firefighters have decided on a controlled burning of the roof. They have a hard time getting rid of all the flames, it’s quite a building mass. They will then carry out a post-extinguishing, and there is no risk of spread to other buildings, assures operations manager Odde.

There should be no one inside the building. From what the police know, the building is supposed to be under renovation.

– Due to the nature of the fire, it is not possible to search the building, but no one has been reported missing and according to the owner of the house, there should also be no one in the building, says the operations manager.

The police are working to secure traces and gather information.

– We went there and interviewed people likely to have witnessed the fire, says Odde.

Clarifying the cause of the blaze may take some time, and firefighters will likely be working on the scene for a long time on Wednesday, before police investigators can possibly enter the building.

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